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Medium Sushi Platter - Catering



9 classic sushi rolls, 15 assorted sushi and 5 signature rolls. 

Choice of classic rolls : 
California roll, spicy tuna roll, JB roll, salmon California roll, tuna California roll, shrimp tempura roll, Kappa roll, vegetable roll, tuna roll, salmon roll, hamachi roll, unagi roll, Kani roll, Avocado roll, or spicy kani roll

Sushi Choice:
Kani, tamago, escolar, salmon, shrimp, tuna, hamachi, wahoo or eel. 

Signature Rolls Choice: 
Atlantic roll, Rainbow, green dragon roll, s** on the moon roll, volcano roll, lemongrass roll, yellowtail jalapeno roll, Florida roll, hurricane roll, two buddies roll, Tokyo roll or best buds roll

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